Remarks delivered by Mr. Miguel Moratinos
The High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
at the virtual event commemorating the International Day of Human Fraternity

6 February 2023, Originally published on

Distinguished guests,

Human Fraternity is a noble pursuit toward a better world for all humanity.

It reminds us that each person is equally precious in the eyes of God.

This means that each person should enjoy the same rights with dignity and respect.

Individualism, discrimination, and racism based on religion, belief, race, or gender are the exact opposite.

The paradox is that we are living at a time where our world is connected more than ever before by modern technology and more importantly by the same challenges, yet it appears much more divided than united.

There is a tectonic rift between East and West.

A deepening divide between North and South.

Wars, a global economic crisis, and inequalities threaten to engulf all of us to the brink of a bottomless abyss.

Hardly a day or a week passes by without a vile act taking place.

Worshippers are being slain in cowardly attacks on mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples, as well as other places of worship and sacred sites.

Human values are in a state of degradation that is no less serious than the ongoing degradation of our planet.

Our humanity is in a state of crisis.

That’s why the Document on Human Fraternity brings a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel. It charts a course for “World Peace and Living Together”. One, that is built on solidarity, trust, and human dignity.

I wish to note that the main theme of UNAOC 9th Global Forum in Fez, which was hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco was “Towards an Alliance of Peace: living Together as One Humanity.”

It encourages meaningful dialogues rather than monologues.

It calls for the rejection of all forms of violence, discrimination and extremism in the name of religion.

I believe that it takes a lot of courage to open one’s heart and mind and listen to the other, accept and respect the other.

It is in that sense that the notion of Human Fraternity is both: timely and timeless.

Thank you.